Below is a list of sources about therapy for Minor-Attracted People.

  • Pedophilia (the attraction) cannot be changed or “fixed”. Here are sources on that. Instead, professionals recommend self-acceptance.
  • Psychotherapy for the Minor-Attracted Person
    • Excerpt: “The preferred model of treatment is LGBT affirmative psychotherapy, which treats sexual feelings as innate, unchangeable and subject to personal acceptance. The American Psychological Association provides guidelines on its website (see below).
      Applied to the minor-attracted person, affirmative therapy separates sexual orientation from its expression, emphasizing acceptance and personal growth. This in no way endorses sexual contact between adults and minors.”
  • The German Dunkelfeld Project: Proactive Strategies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and the Use of Child Abusive Images
    • scientific article on the positive way Germany treats non-offending pedophiles
  • How Germany treats paedophiles before they offend
    • easier-to-read news article on the positive way Germany treats non-offending pedophiles
  • Non-Offending Pedophiles
    • preprint version available for free
    • Excerpt: “Professionals helped some of these men accept their pedophilic interests by separating their sexual attraction from their sexual behavior and by managing their sense of selves (e.g.,distancing themselves from stories of “child rapists” [25 p8]). Engaging with other pedophilic individuals helped these men see that others with their interests were able to avoid offending, which brought a sense of hope. Having other social supports that knew about their interests helped because their supports could help them maintain boundaries with children, challenge potentially distorted thinking, and provide them with feedback regarding their behavior with children.”
    • MAPs often have negative experiences with therapy
  • Pedophilia
    • Excerpt: “There is no evidence to suggest that pedophilia can be changed. Instead, interventions are designed to increase voluntary control over sexual arousal, reduce sex drive, or teach self-management skills to individuals who are motivated to avoid acting upon their sexual interests.”
  • Preventing Sexual Abuse: Perspectives of Minor-Attracted Persons About Seeking Help
    • Excerpt: stigma and mandatory reporting laws discourage help-seeking; therapists often refuse to work with pedophiles; the “help” pedophiles receive is often unhelpful

Huge credit to @alwaysbe_kind for compiling this list of sources

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