Below is a list of sources for professionals recognizing pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

Michael C. Seto:

Fred S. Berlin:

David Finkelhor (mentions it, not the focus):

J. Michael Bailey, Kevin J. Hsu, Paula A. Bernhard (another mention):

B4U-ACT (organization composed of multiple professionals):

Gilian Tenbergen, Matthias Wiitfoth, Helge Frieling, Jorge Ponseti, Martin Walter, Henrik Walter, Klaus M. Beier, Boris Schiffer, Tillmann H. C. Kruger:

Katarina Alanko, Benny Salo, Andreas Mokros, Pekka Santtila:

Sara Jahnke:

Huge credit to @alwaysbe_kind for compiling this list of sources

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