This post is a bit unusual compared to what will normally be on this site (and may or may not be a temporary post, we’ll see). I want to send a personal message to the MAP community on Twitter:

Dear Twitter MAP Community,

You may have noticed that my Twitter account (@realJoshuaCasey) is currently suspended. I am pissed off and frustrated about this. Partially because I’m pretty confident I didn’t break any Twitter rules, and partially because I feel very isolated and lonely because Twitter was really my only way to socialize and interact with other people, and partially because I feel like I’m being silenced. I have suspicions that I was the target of false reports.

A couple days ago I called out someone telling them that they should only use Twitter’s CSE report form ( for reporting actual Child Sexual Exploitation. The timing seems awfully coincidental, conversing with someone that was reporting members of the community probably got me reported.

Will I be returning to Twitter? This is where it gets complicated. As I’m sure many of you are aware, Twitter is pretty annoying about requiring you to verify with a phone number and email address. Unfortunately I have already used my cell phone and our home phone number (you can’t use the same number, unfortunately). And, Twitter blocks the use of Google Voice numbers and numbers from those burner phone apps. I’m not sure if they block Skype numbers because those cost money (I suspect they do). Unfortunately, that means that I must patiently wait in painful loneliness and isolation waiting for a response from Twitter Support (a response that possibly may never happen). It’s been almost a month since @JoshuaACasey was suspended, and I have not received a response from Twitter Support.

I will continue to keep this website up and running, and I will continue my Advocacy work on here (which, admittedly, will be much harder to do without access to Twitter and being able to participate in conversations—and not being able to talk to fellow members of the community, and researchers, etc…). My only regret is that I wish that I had set up a group chat or something, on some non-Twitter platform, to both keep in touch with people, have people to talk to to avoid the crippling isolation and be able to continue to be part of the community. Oh well, too late for that now. I was a stupid naïve idiot that thought I wouldn’t get suspended.

Take care,
Joshua Casey

Update: Got a response from Twitter Support.

Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.
You can learn more about our rules around multiple accounts and against abusive behavior here:
Please note that creating new account(s) to evade this suspension is also against the Twitter Rules and will result in additional account suspension(s).

I love the smell of bullshit. Boy, I wish society would leave Twitter and move over to Mastodon. (De-centralization is great!)
With the help of Google, I got the email address of Twitter’s head of “Trust and Safety”. I sent an email. But I’m not hopeful. Most likely my email will never get read. If it does get read, most likely nothing will happen.

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Joshua Casey is an autistic person interested in being involved in advocacy work for causes he believes in, including: human rights, free speech, child sexual abuse prevention, and privacy rights just to name a few.

Please feel free to discuss this below.

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