The purpose of this page is to provide a list of terms and their definitions that one may come across when browsing the articles and pages on this website.

  • AoC: Age of Consent.
  • AoA: Age of Attraction.
  • MAP: Minor-Attracted Person or Minor-Attracted People.
  • Anti-contact or anti-c: A Minor-Attracted Person that identifies as anti-contact is someone that is against sexual or romantic adult-minor relationships.
  • Non-Offending: A Minor-Attracted Person that identifies as non-offending is someone that does not look at CSEM and does not engage in sexual or romantic relationships with minors.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Material: Commonly referred to by its shortened term of CSEM, this is a more respectful and more accurate term for Child Pornography.
  • Paraphilia: the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals (previously known as sexual perversion and sexual deviation).
  • Chronophilia: Used to describe a form of paraphilia in which an individual experiences sexual attraction limited to individuals of particular age ranges.
  • Nepiophilia: a subtype of pedophilia describing a sexual preference for children less than 5 years old (including toddlers and infants) — sometimes called Infantophilia.
  • Pedophilia: a sexual (or romantic) attraction in which an adult or adolescent is experiences attraction to prepubescent minors.
  • Pedophilic Disorder: a psychological disorder in which a person meets the criteria for pedophilia, and also either acts upon those urges, or experiences distress or interpersonal difficulty as a consequence. Often abbreviated as PD.
  • Hebephilia: sexual (or romantic) interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children (especially those showing Tanner stages 2 to 3 of development), which is typically ages 11-14.
  • Ephebophilia: sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.
  • Teleiophilia: sexual preference for adults.
  • Mesophilia: sexual preference for middle-ages adults.
  • Gerontophilia: sexual preference for the elderly.

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