Our goals

  • End the stigma that Minor-attracted people live with that prevents them from being able to access help for their depression and isolation.
  • Advocate for preventing Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) BEFORE it happens.
  • Advocate for taking a evidence-based, science and human rights focused approach to preventing Child Sexual Abuse.


Stigma affects many different areas of society. Here at End The Stigma we are not just committed to getting rid of stigma for Minor-Attracted People. We believe everyone has the right to live a happy and healthy life. We also:

  • Advocate for ending the stigma that Autistic people live with.
  • Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform and Sex Offender Registry reform.
  • The Sex Offender registry is not limited to “the worst of the worst”, as most people assume it is. Many Registered Citizens are not “the worst of the worst” and do not deserve to suffer the inhumane (and unconstitutional) residential, employment, and living restrictions that they face, even after they have served their time.
    • Example: A 16yo that is charged because of sexting with her boyfriend never assaulted a child, and certainly didn’t commit a violent crime. Why should (s)he be restricted to not living near schools, playgrounds, etc…


If you are interested in guest blogging and writing an article to be published here. Please visit this page for more details. We appreciate all interest in contributions, particularly from: MAPs, Researchers, Partners or Family members of MAPs, Therapists, Psychologists, Students, or Advocates.

Other Websites & Resources

  • Prostasia Foundation A child protection organization combining an evidence-based approach to child sexual abuse prevention with its commitment to human rights and sex positivity.
  • The Global Prevention Project Prevention-Education-Outreach Project founded by female survivor of childhood sexual abuse. GOAL? Child Sexual Abuse Prevention! Prevention IS the only true intervention.
  • The Prevention Podcast A podcast to educate the global community on sexual violence prevention which includes education, research, and global prevention efforts and initiatives.
  • b4uact Non-profit organization promoting communication between minor-attracted people and mental health professionals since 2003.
  • Stop It Now! Preventing the sexual abuse of children since 1992. They have a toll-free, anonymous help line available at 1-888-PREVENT
  • Don't Offend India Part of the Program for Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence (PPPSV), aiming to prevent potential child sexual abusers from offending. Hotline # 1-800-123-8905
  • TROUBLED-DESIRE Global Prevention Dunkelfeld Online self-management for people who feel attracted to children and early adolescents and don't have the chance to get in real contact with therapists. Confidential and anonymous.